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Dev-Box: mod_rewrite and Virtual Hosts for your Apache

This is gonna be a quick one, but I think you’ll find this quite useful … if you don’t already know it by heart ;)

As I promised in my initial Dev-Box post, I promised to give further useful instructions/tips for your development VM, so here we go: mod_rewrite and Virtual Hosts for Apache. Two basics that every coder should know by heart and uses every day (even though he might not be aware of it). I, for example, create a virtual host for every new project I start. That way I can access them easily via their own URL and don’t have to remember the exact folders they reside in.

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Dev-Box: Installing a Mail Server

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another useful tutorial for all those out there using VMs like my Dev-Box. Last time I talked about getting SVN to work on your VM and now time it’s all about setting up a mail server, something you need for pretty much every web application you might develop.

As my posts are meant for users that use VMs for local development, I’ll not tell you how to install a usual mail server, but rather how to configure it that way, that all outgoing emails go to one email address instead of the address they are meant for. Using such a catch-all setup allows you to test emails coming from your app without having to send mails to existing accounts and even allows you to use your live database for testing and not having to worry that the live users might get an email that’s only meant for testing.

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