A while back a friend of mine mentioned this site to me: It checks which porn sites you have been on. The technology used to achieve this is quite simple. It inserts links to a bunch of porn sites in the page and uses Javascript to check the link color, abusing the fact that browsers… Continue reading Proto.Spy

Extended logging of database errors in CodeIgniter

Some of you might and now and then have run into a database error while working with CI. Such errors are mostly caused by errors in your querys like not escaping user input or your fields or simply syntax errors. In small applications that not much of a problem, but the bigger the application the… Continue reading Extended logging of database errors in CodeIgniter

I’m back!

It took me quite a while but now it’s official: I’m back in the blogging business! My old blog was running on my own blogging software, dBlog, but as development wasn’t coming along as well as I hoped it would (mostly due to me constantly running out of time) I finally came around to switching… Continue reading I’m back!

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