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TortoiseSVN – Change User After Save Authentication

I had to update the credentials I use for one of the repos I work on but in TortoiseSVN there’s no built-in way of updating the saved credentials if the entered user is still valid (otherwise it will prompt you for a new username/password), except deleting all the saved authentication info for ALL repos worked on via TortoiseSVN.

After some research on Google I found this blog post by JohnnyCoder where he describes the same problem solved it using the above mentioned method of removing all the saved data. Lucky for me in one of the comments Brad Divine described a different approach which would only require you to delete a single file, the one holding the credentials for the one repo you want to update instead all of them. Sadly his approach didn’t work for me but with a slight adjustment to the path he mentioned I got it working on my Windows 7 system:

Go to this folder:


The files you find here can viewed in any text editor and each file holds the credentials for one repository. They all have cryptic names but you can manually open them all and find the one you are looking for real quickly. Once you got it, just delete the file and next time you want to commit or update your local copy, TortoiseSVN will ask you for new credentials.

In case you are wondering, the folder for XP users looks like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\<your-username>\Application Data\Subversion\auth\svn.simple\