My name is David Behler, I was born in 1984, I live in Cologne, Germany and this is my blog! As you can read about my social life at many other places (see the links below), for now I mainly devote this blog to everything related to coding/my projects.

After finishing school in spring 2004 I trained as a software developer at a local company (EXEC Software Team GmbH) from early fall 2004 till summer 2007. In fall 2007 I started studying information systems at the university of Cologne. While studying I already worked part time as a web developer and in April 2010 I quit studying entirely (or rather put it on hold) and since then I work full-time for my own company I founded back in fall 2009.

My first steps in coding were around 11th grade (approx. in 2001) when we had computer science classes in school and started with small programs in Delphi. Since then I have tried several other languages, e.g. Pascal, Visual Basic, Java(script), SQL, PHP and came to like PHP in combination with Javascript and SQL the best. Web-application are easy to create and you can archieve nearly as much as with a desktop-application.

In 2008 I came across CodeIgniter, a lightweight framework for PHP. Even though I had to get used to the (more or less) strict OOP/MVC approach it takes, I love it by now and use it for most of my project. About the same time a friend of mine introduced me to Prototype, a Javascript framework. It’s really easy to implement and allows for easy AJAX magic in your applications … especially in combination with other libraries like scritp.aculo.us.

In the last 2 years I’ve completely replaced Prototype with jQuery and don’t regret it for a second. jQuery is intuitive, flexible and offers all kinds of helpful functions that make my life easier.

Me and the web:
It’s quite a while since I started surfing the net back in the 90s using a crappy 14.4 dial-up connection. It all started with sending emails, chatting and surfing every website I could get a hand on. Somewhen in 2000 or 2001 I came across GameSports, a german online radio that was centered on gaming. In late 2001 I joined them and hosted my own radio shows on a regular basis. As being only a host wasn’t enough for me I started to take more responsibiliy and became head of the radio team. In 2007 I quit my work in the radio team and switched to being a administrator on most of the GameSports forums (a job I had helped out with before on several occasions). By now most of my online activity is reduced to coding related stuff, reading blogs/news and staying in touch with friends.

What else to say?
I like the usual stuff like partying, meeting friends, watching movies, reading books, listening to music and all the other stuff everyone else names.

Working with me:
As a freelancer getting hired by people/companies is the sole thing that keeps this arrangement going. If no one hires me, then I don’t make any money and gotta find myself a full-time job with a company.. And who wants that? So if you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me in whatever way you see fit. The contact form below might be a good place to start! We can discuss rates and hours once I know what your project is about.

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