I’m back!

It took me quite a while but now it’s official: I’m back in the blogging business!

My old blog was running on my own blogging software, dBlog, but as development wasn’t coming along as well as I hoped it would (mostly due to me constantly running out of time) I finally came around to switching to WordPress and setting this thing up properly. It still needs some work, e.g. a different theme and maybe some header image,  but it’s running and I’ll improve on the rest in the following few weeks.

So what’s to expect of this one? Pretty much what I blogged about before: coding :) Propably less about my own projects than more general stuff that might be handy for some of my readers (do I even have any? haha) like code-snippets, tutorials and whatever else I might stumble upon.

If I find the time I’ll copy some of my old entries and post them here, but I won’t promise anything ;)

So long!


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